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Some Drawings

Some Drawings

The main idea of the geometric topology of knotted surfaces is that surfaces in 4-space when they are projected to 3-space have self-intersection. To...

Seminar Sketches

Seminar Sketches

Here are two sketches from a seminar. The Boy’s surface is in movie form and the 3-sphere covering the quaternions. You can find a...

Studies in Binomial and Multinomial

Studies in Binomial and Multinomial

These are some completed things. There are some more in the works that help illustrate Pascal’s recursion, and the multinomial recursion from a...

Some Older Art

Some Older Art

Here are a few things I did before the days of Adobe Illustrator and Xfig:...

Misc 2009 Graphics

Misc 2009 Graphics

Here are a few other pieces of math art I produced in 2009. They aren’t in any particular order and don’t have any particular theme...

Triangle 3 (variations)

Triangle 3 (variations)

Here is another set of variations on triangles. I see the right picture as an ocean of fish in a net. See below for all of the pictures, or download...

Triangle 6 (Dream)

Triangle 6 (Dream)

After doing version 3 of Triangle 6, I had two dreams about it, which I then turned into 4 images (two directly from the dream, one riff on the...

Triangle 6 (Original Variations)

Triangle 6 (Original Variations)

Here’s another set of variations on Triangle 6.¬†One of these variations, I turned into the Cirque du Soleil series, which warranted a post of...

Triangle 6 (Cirque Du Soleili Series)

Triangle 6 (Cirque Du Soleili Series)

Here’s my take on Triangle 6, inspired by Cirque de Soleil. You can view the images below or download high quality PDF’s here: triangle 6...

Hex Improvisation

Hex Improvisation

Here, I was playing with a weird projection of the triangle times triangle. You can browse the images below, or download high quality PDF’s:...

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